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Ms. Shanti Devi
Badhdih in Jharkhand
Ms. Shanti Devi is a 34-year-old Tribal women, who lives in a village named Badhdih in Jharkhand with her family consisting of her Husband and 3 Children’s incl. 2 Girls & 1 Boy. Before marriage, she used to work with her mom and helped her in making Bamboo products like Tokri, Fans, Supa, Utensils etc. She always wanted to start her own bamboo business and wants to be an entrepreneur but with the limited financial support she could not be able to do it. After marriage, Shanti & her husband decided to start a bamboo business with her 7-8 years of experience and with the basic support of Money Lenders fund which they have taken on high rate of interest to support their livelihood as her husband goes to the local market to bring bamboos for the production and Shanti used to make products out of them so that they can sell them into the local market. Due to the low quality of goods, they are only getting Rs 30/ article, they were only able to survive with the basic needs of life and can’t able to save the money for the future because they have to pay the high interest to the money lender.
Then, she met with her neighbor who is already doing a successful business and she told Shanti about SATYA that how she has taken the finance from SATYA and started her business. She suggested Shanti to go to the center meeting and make herself clear about the loan process. She attended the meeting and one of the EDO’s gives her all the information about the company and what type of loan she should take. She took the 1st loan of Rs 21,000 from SATYA at very low rate of interest. After she got the money, Shanti paid the money to the village money lender which she took before for her busines. Now, Shanti & her husband decided to use the money to improve the quality of their products by using good quality of bamboo. As their product quality improved, they had start selling the products at higher rate which was 70-80rs per product.
As Shanti is a futuristic woman, she planned to expand her business to the big market so that they can sell at a better price, she again took the 2nd loan of Rs 30,000 and then after some time she took the 3rd loan of Rs 45,000. Now she can produce 90-100 good quality of products and sell their products at good price to the large market. She can be able to save good amount of money for the future of her family and wants to give opportunity to others as well by providing work in her business so that they can also learns the skills and establish a good future for themselves.
At the end she wants to thank SATYA to provide the finance facility to her and reaching out to many women’s like her who want to be an entrepreneur. Because of SATYA I am planning to grow my traditional bamboo business to bigger level as well as doing good savings to plan my children’s future accordingly.