Satya follows all regulatory norms laid down by the government and the regulators in both letter and spirit. Few important and approved policies are as follows:

Financial Year Results 31 March, 2019

Financial Year Results 31 March, 2020

Financial Year Results 31 March, 2021

Half Yearly Financial Results 30 September, 2018

Half Yearly Financial Results 30 September, 2019

Financial Year-end Results September 2020

ICRA Credit Rating

ICRA MFI Grading

ACUITE Bank Loan Rating

24th AGM Notice

25th AGM Notice

EGM Notice(Jun 2019)

EGM Notice(Aug 2019)

CSR Policy Satya

FAQ_KYC and AML Policy Satya

Related Party Transactions Policy

Corporate Governance Policy

Whistle Blower Policy_V.1

Preservation Policy

KYC and AML Policy_V2.0

Restructuring Policy_V2.0

Risk Management Policy

Satya POSH Policy

Nomination Remuneration Policy

Resource Planning Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy

Contact Information

Interest Rate Notification

Loan Product Detail

Fair Practices Code

MFIN’s Code of Conduct

Charter Of Customer Rights Policy

Interest Rate Notification Dec 2020

Liquidity Disclosure June 2020

Liquidity Disclosure SEP 2020

Liquidity Disclosure DEC 2020

Liquidity Disclosure Mar 2021

Death Certificate Vijayalakshmi Das

Resignation letter

MGT-7 annual return

MGT-7 annual return

Annual Return 2019-2020

Annual Return 2019-2020


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