Our loan products are specially designed with the aim to fulfil the credit requirements of the people nestled at the Bottom of the Pyramid who are looking to raise their working capital, thereby successfully engaging in an atmosphere wherein they are empowered financially as well as socially.

Cattle Loans

The CSL product is created with the objective to enable the people to become an entrepreneur by owning a small dairy unit by purchasing cows/buffalos,…

Consumer Durable Loans

A Consumer Durable Loan is an option that helps you finance your purchase of consumer durables. This class of products includes household appliances or electronics…

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans product is designed for the clients to taking care of urgent expenses due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse events such as medical bills,…

Individual Micro Loans (IML)

The IML product is designed to cater to individual entrepreneurial credit needs of the customers who wish to expand their current enterprise or meet new…

Limited Liability Loans (LLG)

The LLG loan product is designed for rural women who wish to start or increase their existing micro entrepreneurial activities.

Micro Business Loans (MBL)

The MBL product is designed to cater to clients who wish to set-up or further enhance their manufacturing or trading businesses. This loan product is…

PM SVANidhi Loans

SATYA started loan disbursements under the PM SVANidhi Scheme. The PM SVANidhi Loan is designed to providing affordable working loan to Street Vendors.

Water & Sanitation Loans

The Water & Sanitation Loan product designed for the people at the bottom of the pyramid to access affordable financing to get into safe drinking…

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