CSR Policy Satya

FAQ_KYC and AML Policy Satya

Related Party Transactions Policy

Corporate Governance Policy

Whistle Blower Policy_V.1

Preservation Policy

KYC and AML Policy_V2.0

Restructuring Policy_V2.0

Risk Management Policy

Satya POSH Policy

Nomination Remuneration Policy

Resource Planning Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy

Code of Fair Disclosure of UPSI

Investment Policy_V3.0

Cyber Security Policy_V3.0

RBI regulation framework 2

Outsourcing Policy_V2.1


CGRM Policy_V2.0

Moratorium Policy (EMI)

IT BCP &DR (Disaster Recovery) Policy_V1.0

ALM Policy_V2.0

Human Capital policy

Information System Audit Policy(Reporting Framework)_V1.0

Accounting Policy V2

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