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Ms. Rani Devi

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Ms. Rani Devi
Begusarai Ambari, Bihar
Rani Devi is a 35 years old lady living in Begusarai Ambari, Bihar with her husband and three children. Despite of trying best in their potential, the couple was unable to meet both the ends for living a normal life. Rani’s husband used to sell clothes on his cycle which was clearly not sufficient for fulfilling the basic needs of their livelihood. With the sole intent of helping her husband and to provide a better life state to her children, Rani decided to start a bangle shop for which she took monetary support from her one of the relatives which gradually became insufficient. During the course of an evening discussion with village members near Chaupal, she got to know about group loan facilitated by SATYA MicroCapital Limited for the means of socio-economic upliftment of people in their area. After mutually discussing the need of financial support with her husband, Rani opted to avail a loan of Rs. 35000. Expecting a steady business growth, she invested this money in expanding her Bangle Shop. Everything was happening very smoothly until COVID-19 impacted the day-to-day life of everyone. The tables turned upside down as soon as the government announced lockdown in the entire country to combat the deadly
epidemic. Strangling between fulfilling her family’s basic needs, running her shop, and repaying her loan installments, Rani was left baffled and was clueless what to do next. Mindful of her rapport established with SATYA EDO, she willfully consulted them and shared her dilemma. After receiving the much-coveted support and financial awareness about the RBI’s Loan Moratorium Facility from respective EDO during Awareness Campaign, Rani decided to avail for moratorium.
Sharing her views on this episode of her life wherein she felt she will not be able to live up to her family’s expectations, Rani says, “I feel very fortunate that I chose SATYA. At first, I was hesitant of sharing my honest feelings with the EDO but I was surprised to learn that their focus is concentrated towards our complete welfare and not on collecting their loan EMIs. With time and again I received calls from officials asking about how I am meeting the basic necessities of life. Not only this, but they also assured me that in case of any emergency, SATYA is standing with me like a family. This not only boosted my morale, but also uplifted my self-confidence. Also, at consistent time intervals, SATYA Officials kept me informed about any important finance or economy related announcements made from Government’s end. Regarding COVID-19, not only me but all my family members were also shared evident guidelines and necessary precautionary measures. SATYA made it possible for us to consult doctors via telephone absolutely free for any type of health-related matters. To feel as if we are involved might not matter to others, but it does matter to people living in rural areas. All these small things from SATYA make us feel valued. I remember our EDO said – Didi Jaan Hai Toh Jahaan Hain, Aap Apni Sehat Salamat Rakhein, Baaki Sab Sambhal Lenge Saath Mein. Who does not rise when they are given this kind of support? I, thank SATYA for each and everything they have, and they are doing for us”.

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