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Ms. Monbati Sharma
Makrana, Rajasthan

Monbati Sharma lives with her husband Vijay pal Sharma and their three children’s 2 boys and 1 girl. They live in a small house in Makrana, Rajasthan. Monbati was determined to provide her children with a brighter, more sustainable future. Monbati and her husband are both involved in Hand-Carved marble Sculpture business. They manufacture and sell these marble sculpture online. Monbati was in need of finance to buy raw materials for sculpture production, but interest rates demanded by other lenders was higher than what they could afford.

Then Monbati heard of SATYA’s Joint Liability Group Loans. So, along with four other women entrepreneurs like herself, Monbati took her first microfinance loan of Rs 60,000 from SATYA. This helped her purchase raw materials she needed like White stone, hammer, and a cutting machine. Her profits began to increase as demand for her products grew. The training taught her about the importance of saving regularly, something which allowed her to re-invest in her business. But, perhaps, most importantly for Monbati, her increased profits and savings allowed her to send all her children to school.

With her constant efforts and never-ending hard work, she earns INR 1,500 – INR 2,000 per day which has greatly helped her to provide for her family. With her constant attempts of expanding her business and trying to get the best out of it, she was able to hire help and provide a living to more assistants who now depend on her business to provide for themselves. People in her community now look at Monbati as an inspiration. Despite the difficulty of raising three children, she has been able to create the successful business others didn’t believe was possible. She now hopes to continue growing her business. In the future, Monbati is planning to open a showroom where she can display her hand-carved marble sculptures and sell them at a reasonable price.

Monbati says, “SATYA has given me finance at a very low rate of interest due, to which the profit we make now, is more. I would like to thank SATYA MicroCapital Ltd; you are good teachers and you have given me a lot. I have managed to boost my business and save a lot so now you can see that I have security”.