Ms. Reena Devi

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Ms. Reena Devi
Hajipur, Bihar

Ms. Reena Devi is a 35-year-old married woman who lives in a small village of Hajipur, Bihar. Reena and her husband have a small house on a small piece of land. With their four children, 2 daughters and 2 sons, the family works hard to pay for their living expenses, however, they often struggle to accomplish this. Reena and her husband do agricultural work, besides her husband also works as a supervisor in a garment factory. This extra work helps them supplement what they are unable to earn farming.


Overall, the family earns Rs 75,000 annually. This is barely enough to meet the family’s basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter—and not enough to pay for the construction of a much-needed toilet. Reena longs for a toilet, knowing it can help prevent illness and safety issues that she and her daughters experience regularly. Without a toilet at home, they relieve themselves in the open, usually in a nearby field where others in their village practice the same behaviour.

She wanted to provide her young daughters a bathroom, a place to go and a safe place to bathe. But Rina and her husband had no budget left to save for such things. After hearing about the micro loan facilities provided by SATYA through other clients, especially the local women, she applied for the Water & Sanitation Loan provided by SATYA MicroCapital Ltd and received a loan of Rs. 45,000 for constructing a new toilet at her home. SATYA assisted her in constructing a toilet and thereby in helping her family to lead a healthy life.

She and her husband are now paying off the loan through affordable monthly payments. Small, affordable loans like Rina are the result of something SATYA designed to empower those in need with immediate access to life’s most essential resources.