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Ms. Jarina Begum
Baliya Uttar Pradesh
Ms. Jarina Begum is 32 years old married women who lives in a small village of Baliya in Uttar Pradesh. Her family includes her Mother in-law, Father in -law, husband and 5 Children. Due to economic struggles, she could not continue her studies after 10th standard, and she was married early by her parents. However, her dream was always to be an independent woman though she never thought about becoming an entrepreneur ever.
However, her fate has planned something else for her. The family where she got married had been engaged into the spice business since more than 20 years as a primary source of income.
After getting married, Ms. Jarina Begum also started helping her husband in the business. Thereafter, she gained some experience of the business and showed her interest in the business expansion so that she could be able to provide a good education, health and lifestyle to their children and family members. Ms. Jarina Begum’s husband and in laws really appreciated the idea of expansion of the existing business of spice and agreed to take the loan from bank.
Unfortunately, they could not get the financial assistance from bank due to limited exposure to banking and no formal credit history. The hope of ray came into their life when they heard about SATYA MicroCapital Limited through SATYA’s field officers in an open general meeting. After all the consultation, Ms. Jarina Begum applied for a loan amount of INR 35000 in SATYA which was sanctioned soon.
With the help of loan, she and her husband purchased additional raw material. As a result, their business production has been increased to 75% with better marketing opportunity where they started to sell their readymade spices to the distant market along with the local market. This opportunity and rising market demand have built their confidence and again she applied for the next loan amount of INR 45000 in SATYA within a time frame of less than 2 years.
The main purpose of second loan was to improve the quality of the products for the existing and new customer and providing better packing and marketing facilities. With this value addition in the business their monthly sales have increased from INR 3,000 per month to INR 15,000 per month.
In 2019, Ms. Jarina Begum had again taken a loan amount of INR 60000. She is quite happy and stable with the current business profit and practices because lockdown period did not hamper their business because of the hard work she and her family put in their business along with the timely availability of financial assistance from SATYA which has ensured the good quality and services to their existing customer. To maintain the customer loyalty and retention,they have developed a mitigation strategy for COVID 19 where they created a rewarding coupon system which encouraged existing customers to purchase the products continuously. In this manner, they use to provide TV, utensils, water filter etc. as reward for the lucky customers. As a result, the entire business did not get affected.
At present, turnover of their business is 5 lacs per month and it is growing gradually. The couple is planning to expand their business on a next level and plan to provide employment to other and can do something for the society well- being.

Ms. Jarina Begum sincerely expresses her heartfelt gratitude to SATYA for extending their helping hand and reaching out to many entrepreneurial women like her by not only providing financial support but also providing them technical skills on various income generation activities.