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Ms. Kowsar bee
Thenneri, Tamil Nadu

Ms. Kowsar bee, a forty-six-year-old widow had to earn to make the ends meet. She is a resident of Thenneri village in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. She lives there with their two children. She is proud owner of a Grocery shop. She was left to fend for herself after the death of her husband Riyaz, the sole bread-earner of the house. Despite the loss, Kowsar worked hard to ensure her children’s education did not suffer. As expenses grew, she started looking for avenues to increase her income.  She wanted to expand her shop but for this she required some financial help. She approached the local moneylender as well as the nearby banks for a small loan but was bluntly refused due to lack of any collateral security. With her hopes shattered, she continued with her normal work when one fine day she heard from one of her friends about a SATYA Micro Capital Ltd. that supports the women entrepreneur financially. She immediately approached to SATYA and got a loan of Rs. 45,000.

With a loan of Rs 45,000, Kowsar now runs a Grocery shop, earning approximately Rs 1,200–1,500 per day. Today, Kowsar is confident of growing her shop further and building a solid future for her children. She is proud of her journey from homemaker to entrepreneur. Kowsar is an epitome of a successful businesswoman, an inspiration to many women in her community.