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HospiCash Insurance (TP)

HospiCash Insurance (TP) HospiCash is an allowance cover that provides cash benefits in case the insured gets hospitalized. It provides daily cash benefits of Rs.1000 per day for a maximum of 30 days per year in case of hospitalization of Borrower or Co-borrower as well as provides benefits of Rs 1,00,000 in case of accidental […]
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Skill Loans

Skill Loans With a vision to help aspiring students pursue certifications, diplomas, degrees, and other skill development courses SATYA has started offering Skill Loans. These loans are provided to the students enrolled with various training institutions which are engaged in providing the skilling and up-skilling courses to increase their employable skills. Skill loans will help […]
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PRAYAAS Business Loan (PBL)

PRAYAAS Business Loan SATYA introduced PRAYAAS Business Loan which is provided to self-employed individuals & people who have been operating small businesses for more than three years in a similar line of business. SATYA provide cheap and accessible loans to people who are engaged in earning a livelihood and are trying to expand or diversify […]
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Water & Sanitation Loans (WSL)

Water & Sanitation Loan Safe and affordable drinking water, adequate sanitation, hygiene, and the abolition of open defecation are critical aspects of a healthy and dignified human life. Addressing the nation’s water and sanitation needs is one of the era’s most significant human development challenges. With an intent of providing enhanced life quality equipped with […]
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Limited Liability Loans (LLG)

Limited Liability Loans SATYA has adopted a unique Joint Liability Group (JLG) lending model which enables a group of individuals to take loans for the purpose of income generation and income growth by forming a group, wherein each group member is equally liable for repayment through a formal agreement. Usually, beneficiaries of this product engage […]
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