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Balika Nagla Haryana
Sunita, aged 38 years from Balika Nagla, Haryana, has 2 children. She is not too educated and has only studied till class 5th. Sunita’s husband met with an accident and had been bed-ridden for a very long time. The family did not have any income and the situation of Sunita’s family was getting very deplorable. It was getting extremely difficult for her to manage her household expenses. Not having a steady income worried her constantly especially for her children. During this time, a group of women from her village decided to access a microfinance loan from SATYA, Sunita decided to join them. With a loan of Rs. 30,000, she bought an e-Rickshaw and started her own business of public transportation. Today, she is able to earn around Rs.500 to Rs.700 per day. She is extremely grateful to SATYA for helping her not only in monetary terms but also for making her economically independent to support herself and her family. She takes a walk towards a newer and better future. Her standard of living has greatly improved, and her children have also started to pursue their studies again.

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