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Ms. Mamoni Das

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Ms. Mamoni Das
Kunda Kashipur, West Bengal
Ms. Mamoni Das is 30-year-old lady, who lives in a small village named Kunda Kashipur in West Bengal with her small family which includes her Husband and 2 Daughters. Before marriage she was just a normal woman who stays with her parents and living her normal life, after getting married and having 2 kids she realized that only husband income will not enough for her family survival. As her husband got experience in Bamboo products making, they decided to open a small business of Bamboo Products. Her husband used to drive E-Rickshaw every day and make earnings for his family but that is not enough.
The main issue is not having a proper financial support so that they can buy raw material and start making the products. After consulting with the family, her husband’s brother told them about SATYA, who gives loan to underserved people where they do not have access to any banking services or support. They went to SATYA’s branch and told them about the condition they are into. Then the SATYA officials got to know that there were more people in that village where they want credit so that they can do better earnings and can grow there life standards.
SATYA EDO held its 1st center meeting of the village at Ms Mamoni Das house itself and told them about SATYA Vision & Mission and products which they are giving to the underserved people. She took her 1st loan of Rs 45,000 to start her business. Then both Mamoni and her husband start their business, her husband used to bring good quality of Bamboo from the market and Ms Mamoni then make products like Tokris, Supa, Mats, Fans etc and her husband goes to the local market to sell them. After some time, she again took a 2nd loan of Rs 45,000 to expand and improve the quality of her products so that she can sell at larger quantity as well as larger margin so that they can make their family lifestyle good in terms of Food, Clothes, Healthcare, Education etc. Before this business the family income is somewhere around 5-6k, after the SATYAs loan and their hard work in the bamboo business they start earning 14-15K every month which is a good amount to live a healthy life.
I personally want to thank SATYA for the opportunity they have given to us, it was my dream to become an Entrepreneur and just because of SATYA help I can able to do it. SATYA EDOs and branch employees are very good in nature and very informative about all the loans and the process. This helped me and my family to make our lifestyle better while improvement in Healthcare, Education, Food, and basic needs of our life.

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